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Degreasing Industrial Parts: The Full Story

Degreasing industrial parts with an industry-specific system designed by RAMCO is a strategy used worldwide by industries that demand results from a well-established expert. At every phase, from fabrication to installation to flow-up maintenance, RAMCO’s story begins by exceeding all expectations. The range of RAMCO’s line of parts washing systems run the full spectrum for all types of industries. Large and small footprint, built-to-last materials, partially or fully automated, a RAMCO degreasing system offers features like state-of-the-art pre-wash, primary wash, rinse and drying. Throughout the process, the system is “tunable,” factoring in the type of material, degree of contamination, cleaning temperature, and the integrity of the parts themselves. In general, RAMCO’s systems fall into several basic categories:

In-Process and Final Clean Systems of particular use for the medical and aerospace industries.

Immersion Systems that, due to the submerging and agitation of parts by various means, offers a more effective alternative to front or top-loading spray washers,

Conveyance Washers that transport all parts through the entire degreasing process, an alternative to more costly tunnel washing systems.

Ultrasonic Degreasing Systems, whether partially or fully automated that have eliminated the need for hazardous cleaning solutions that cause both health risks and dispoal difficulties on the back end.

Parts Washers for Delicate or Complex Parts that will accommodate irregular or highly intricate surface features that are common to electronic or medical parts. These systems can be used with confidence by companies that conserve and recycle swarf.*

An Insider’s Look at Degreasing

A crucial phase in the production and maintenance of industrial parts, is degreasing. The process may be an end in itself or the precursor to another, later process, such as passivation. Also called “fat trimming” or “defatting, “ degreasing effectively strips water-insoluble deposits from the surface of metal, or, in some cases, plastic parts, some fiberglass, or acrylic circuit boards. These deposits may consist of different greases, oils, other lubricants, waxes, fats, tars of carbon deposits.

Depending upon the metal, degreasing may take one or more of various forms:

Aqueous alkaline degreasing deep cleans metals, pretreating them before undergoing further cleaning.

Alkaline degreasing has replaced many toxic applications degreasing methods for the metal industry in favor of non-toxic, non-combustible, less volatile degreasing agents.

RAMCO Systems Keep Pace with the Chemistry

The manufacture of degreasing and parts washing solutions has changed drastically – not just over the past two decades, but in the past few years alone. The adverse impact of chemical agents on the environment is of major concern, and the chemical industry is now subject to more regulations from organizations like OSHA and the EPA; these regulations are designed to mitigate already existing problems caused by years of improper handling and disposal, as well as eliminate volatile and harmful substances that pose a risk to both humans and the environment alike.

Industries that produce the solvent and cleaning agents that are used to cleaned and otherwise treat industrial parts are continually coming up with new products that clean as well, if not better than their banned and disused predecessors. In turn, RAMCO, as a leader in the industrial parts washing industry, is at the cusp of the newest developments, making sure that every one of our parts washing systems can function appropriately when utilizing these new substances:

Mild alkaline, minimal-sudsing cleaners that are perfectly suited for our high-agitation pasrts washers.

The newest citric acid cleaning agents that a corrosion resistant, biodegradable and sometimes contain anionic surface active components.

“Green,” maximum strength, biodegradable ideal for degreasing metal and plastic parts of all kinds.

Enzyme-based. Biodegradable degreaser for hard surfaces that breaks down the layers of grease and/or oil.

Low-suds enzymatic detergent formulation that removes grease, protein buid-up and starch-based contaminants.

Ninionic, neutral ph surfactant, gentle enough for more vulnerable or reactive metals such as zinc, aluminum, or electronic components.

RAMCO Degreasing Systems: A Value Added Experience

When RAMCO comes on as a partner to meet the needs of your industry’s degreasing operations, you are getting the value added benefits of ongoing advice, service and support. RAMCO’s systems themselves are manufactured, customized for purpose, installed and optimized to be a safe, durable and truly dependable fixture in your facility that will handle  the tough jobs you need them to do. Add to that our comprehensive system warranties and you have the ideal operation for degreasing industrial parts.

Discover RAMCO’s hassle-free systems and their processes of degreasing industrial parts can do for you. Call our factory at 800-553-3650.

*Swarf is a term used to describe the material, usually metal of some sort that is the scrap or byproduct of manufacturing. It is small pieces, chips, shards, or even fine powder that result from processes like milling, grinding, or cutting. Once cleaned, the accumulated scrap is often usable in the manufacturing of more parts, often saving money and salvaging expensive materials.
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