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RAMCO is an American tradition. Starting from a small welding shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, RAMCO grew in technology and expertise, and now 90 years later, still run by the original family, it is the premier manufacturer of immersion parts washers in the United States and around the world.

RAMCO EQUIPMENT engineers and manufactures part washers, safe industrial parts washers and parts washing systems using modern water based detergents and preferred alternative solvents to replace hazardous chemicals and toxic solvents. RAMCO’s parts washers and parts washing systems are designed to meet a wide variety of applications from simple to demanding cleanliness, cell washing to final precision cleaning. Our innovative designs and features facilitate rapid cleaning of simple as well as complex parts allowing us to achieve results that other systems cannot.

RAMCO Applications

The RAMCO Difference

RAMCO Immersion Technology is defined as the use of a combination of mechanical motions within a liquid bath or drying chamber to facilitate a specific process objective.

The process can be general cleaning for applications like degreasing, precision cleaning, or stripping. The soils to be removed typically are oil, grease, dirt, smut, chips, polishing compounds, carbon, paint, ink, wax, casting residues, oxides, etc.

The process can also involve surface treatment, surface preparation, penetrant inspection or other procedures where parts are immersed in a liquid processing chamber.

The key to the RAMCO system is the effective use of an elevator within each processing chamber. The elevator is used to transport the work into and out of the chamber but its most important function is to continuously move the work within the processing zone. It is this dynamic function that allows RAMCO systems to achieve superior results in washing, rinsing and drying.

We call this Dynamic Flow Combination. The effect of Dynamic Flow Combination is better coverage of component surfaces (minimizing standing waves and/or part shadowing) producing more consistent results and accelerated processing times. RAMCO Immersion Technology is offered in different sizes, weight capacities, and configurations (including automation) to accommodate a wide variety of applications.


Combining platform oscillation with solution turbo (spray under immersion) results in constantly changing flow patterns. RAMCO turbo systems are proven to accelerate processing time.


Using platform oscillation to gently move parts throughout the ultrasonic working zone provides a superior cleaning action over conventional systems by moving the work through the peaks and nodes of the wave energy. Ultrasonic cycles are sequenced with turbo cycles (above) to further accelerate the process.


Using high volume hot air combined with changing air flow patterns created by the oscillating elevator provides accelerated drying cycles without excessive heating.

RAMCO Videos

RAMCO Equipment – Industrial Parts Washer – Precision Aqueous Cleaning of Cast Iron Meeting High Cleanliness Specifications. Featuring RAMCO’s unique Dynamic Flow Process – incorporating ultrasonic burst cycles with alternating turbo/agitation. The ultrasonic cleaning action works on tenacious soils. The turbulation and agitation combination produces hydraulic flushing to remove soils and filter particulate. The system automatically switches back and forth to repeat the dual mode process, a very unusual departure from traditional static immersion cleaning systems. This innovative RAMCO process produces high volume, very clean parts that meet demanding cleanliness specifications.

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