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Parts Washing Applications

RAMCO Immersion Technology incorporates parts washers, parts washing systems, multi station consoles, dynamic hot air knife dryers, and fully automated systems to meet a wide variety of degreasing, precision cleaning, stripping, surface treatment, passivation and fluorescent penetrant inspection applications. Each specific application is developed from analysis of your parts and process. Testing is performed at RAMCO as part of an overall evaluation to assure the success of the project prior to building your system.

Parts Washing

Migi-Kleen is an immersion parts washer designed for the removal of oils, chips and dirt from a wide range of components. It accomplishes this using a simple and rugged pneumatically powered reciprocating platform. Read more ›

Surface Treatment

RAMCO systems are used for chromate conversion coating and other surface treatment applications. The processes include pre-wash, rinses and drying developed in accordance with the specifications. Read more ›

Precision Cleaning

RAMCO precision parts washing systems are well suited for a multitude of applications wherein precision cleaning for validation is required. Each processing chamber has its own transport elevator to take the work into and out of solution. Read more ›


Basic aqueous degreasing is a washing process. Environmentally safe detergents are used in place of toxic solvents. Using milder chemicals requires greater effectiveness from the cleaning equipment. To achieve a desired level of cleanliness a sufficient level of mechanical agitation must be provided. Read more ›


RAMCO systems are ideal for citric or nitric acid passivation. The processes include prewash, rinses, ultrasonics, and drying in accordance with the specifications. Read more ›

Penetrant Inspection

RAMCO systems are used for fluorescent penetrant inspection for water and oil based penetrants including pre-wash, post wash, and read booth. Semi-automated and fully automated systems are available. Read more ›

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