RAMCO Cellular Washing System

Small cell washing systems is a specialty at Ramco. We have designed and built a number of washers dedicated to cellular and one piece flow manufacturing. Each washer is specifically engineered to use a minimum of floor space without compromising the required performance. Using Ramco dynamic flow combinations (platform oscillation used in conjunction with solution turbulation) provides highly effective cleaning for a wide variety of soils.


The above system is designed for dual zone processing within a single process chamber. A special oscillating pneumatic cylinder is engineered to reciprocate in both an upper zone and a lower zone. The process uses immersion washing (agitation/turbulation) in the lower zone followed by compressed air blow-off in the upper zone. The washing stage also features SurfaceSweep oil removal and ChipSweep chip filtration.


The system is fully automatic. The operator or robot simply loads the machine and initiates the cycle by energizing the start button. The workload, up to 12″L x 12″W x 6″H and 150 pounds, is transported into the washing zone and sequenced into the air blow-off zone. When the cycle is complete a visual indicator flashes – the system is ready for unloading

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