RAMCO Immersion Washer with Air Blow-Off

Washer for Castings uses Air Blow-off Dryer

This customer required a simple in-process washing system for machined castings followed by a quick and easy dry-off. The heavy steel castings maintained the heat from the washing solution very well thereby only requiring a good compressed air blow-off to dry the parts. The customer wanted the process to handle six castings at a time and minimize manual labor. The RAMCO solution to this requirement is shown below.

RAMCO Equipment MK Air Blowoff

The system can handle a 30″L x 18″W x 8″H rack containing six castings with a total load capacity of 150 pounds. The rack is loaded on to a split platform roller conveyor installed on the elevator. The rack, turbo pattern, turbo flow, platform agitation, and air drying pattern are all custom engineered to optimize the cleaning and drying of the customers parts.

Standard Turbo Action
Standard Turbo Action

The inside of the degreasing chamber has a turbulation system designed for flushing soils off the parts. The standard turbo uses a high volume all stainless steel pump and closed looped manifolds with multiple injectors to direct solution to the working zone. The system provides an even flow of turbulent solution over, under, around and through components. The flow is also adjustable.

RAMCO turbo systems are proven to accelerate processing time in washing and/or rinsing.

A filtration system is included with the turbo. It uses a stainless steel filter canister with a 150 micron bag element and is equipped with a stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge. Other micron sizes are available.


The air blow-off pattern was designed using dual sequenced manifolds. The initial air blow-off employed a general air knife to sheet off the bulk of the moisture followed by a specific manifold directed at the problem areas on the machined casting. Flow controls were provided to regulate and balance the air flow and optimize the drying process.


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