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Paint Stripping Solutions for Your Industry

The prospect of finding the right paint stripping solutions for your industry can easily seem overwhelming. Of course, many manufacturers send their parts and components out to be handled by third party businesses. But nowadays, the parameters, specs and protocols each industry must adhere to can mean having to spend a lot of time and resources — first, to communicating all your needs and secondly, trying to guarantee the job will be done correctly. The paint stripping solution? An on-site paint stripping system from RAMCO.

For over ninety years we have specialized experience fabricating and installing paint stripping systems for many diverse industries.

RAMCO starts with a thorough assessment of your particular needs and the intended results.

The RAMCO paint stripping solutions for your industry go far beyond the machinery. We work closely with you, from our engineers and production supervisors to our ongoing support staff, with the combined focus of bringing the most reliable systems to your factory floor.

RAMCO’s Four “P” Guarantee: Protect. Protect. Protect…and…Protect.

Protect your operators. Protect your processing time and parts. Protect your bottom line. Protect the environment.

From the moment the building of your paint stripping system begins, the RAMCO team is there to meet and exceed expectations. Manufacturing goes through a point-by-point sequence of steps; every element is checked and fully tested. The support team is there to oversee the installation, offering your staff the necessary training they’ll need to safely protect the operators.

It naturally follows that having been given comprehensive instruction, operators are able to play their part in cutting down processing time. Add to that the fact that bringing the entire operation in-house offers a measure of control that farming work out will never match. Guesswork is eliminated. The cost of relying on a third party is gone. It’s now possible to predict the quality and outcome of the end result. Amortized over time, increased efficiency and control over the entire process from start to finish can protect your investment.

With the paint stripping solutions for your business in place, the third level of protection comes into play. Protect all the pieces during the stripping procedures. Parts and components from large to small that have been precision-made to exacting specs must now have the paint removed without forfeiting their integrity. Everything  — size, shape, weight, tolerances and the molecular makeup of the pieces themselves have to come through all phases of the process from pre-wash to final drying and be ready for re-use (whether or not the new cleaned surface remains as is or undergoes re-application of paint).

The fourth and final “protect” is being able to do everything possible before, during and after the business end of your paint stripping solution is complete. During every stage, protect the environment. It is only since the last quarter of the 20th century that large scale, serious efforts mitigate existing and prevent future catastrophic environmental hazards began to be put into place.

One case in point that directly impacted the parts washing industry in general and the paint stripping segment of the industry are the issues and concerns surround the use of methylene chloride. Also known as dichloromethane, it is a highly volatile liquid – colorless, with a slightly sweet odor. Prior to  studies and subsequent stringent standards and regulation, methylene chloride was widely used for paint stripping solutions throughout many industries such as the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, paints removers, metal cleaning and degreasing. As a paint stripper, its strength was particularly effective when removing paint and tougher coatings like epoxy, urethanes, polyesters, lacquers, enamels and more.

It was discovered that in the absence of proper safety measures, methylene chloride (MeCl) posed extremely serious short and long-term health risks to consumers and workers alike. So much so that as of November 23, 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency banned all consumer manufacture, distribution and use of MeCl.

This and other actions sent a ripple effect throughout big industry and well. The response has been to develop alternatives to using methylene chloride, thereby minimizing, or, if feasible, eliminate its use entirely.

To that end, RAMCO offers exceptional alternative paint stripping solutions for all the industries we serve. This effectively serves our commitment to all four “Ps.”

RAMCO’s Diverse Alternatives to Methylene Chloride

This paint stripping system does away with methylene chloride and hot alkaline strippers.

In response to the demand for viable alternatives to MeCL and other hazardous substances, RAMCO offers diverse paint stripping solutions in a variety of system configurations. Our customers now turn to safe alternative aqueous based high turbulence paint stripping systems. These machines have done away with MeCl in favor of reliable and robust paint stripping systems combining safe alternative chemistries with high performance equipment using enhanced solution turbulation to get the job done without doing harm to operators or the environment.

For a free consult to speak to an expert and discover how an eco-friendly paint stripping system can handle even your toughest jobs, contact our factory at 800-553-3650.

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