RAMCO Equipment Semi Aqueous Precision Cleaning System for Plastic Lenses


The above system was built for a manufacturer of optical lenses. It thoroughly removes all contaminants from plastic lenses prior to coating. The process uses semi aqueous and aqueous cleaning agents with multiple cascading DI water rinses. All wet stages combine sweep frequency ultrasonics with vertical oscillation to achieve uniform washing or rinsing within each of the processing zones. The system consists of eight stages using three standard Multi Station Consoles in tandem. The seventh stage includes a final pure DI spray prior to a Hot Air Knife Dryer.


RAMCO’s patented automation system simultaneously moves all baskets through each of the stages of the process. Lenses are racked in baskets and placed onto a loading conveyor. The automation system extends, articulates 90 degrees and gently advances all baskets forward. Up to eight baskets can be processed through the system at a time. One clean and dry basket of lenses (45 per load) is produced every five minutes.
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