RAMCO Multi Stage Parts Washing System

MultiStage MK/MKD16 System

This customer required a precision cleaning system built to accommodate proprietary chemicals in accordance with a system designed and developed at RAMCO. The seven stage process involved ultrasonics as well as turbo/filtration for the precision and process washes. Spray, ultrasonic and cascading immersion were used for the DI rinses followed by a hot air knife dryer.


RAMCO has built many unique multistage systems. The heart of each system is the adroit use of the elevator within each processing chamber. The elevator is used to transport components into and out of each chamber. However, its most important function is to position and move the components within the working zone. It is this aspect of its function that allows RAMCO systems to achieve superior results in washing, rinsing and drying. We call this Dynamic Flow Combination. The effect of Dynamic Flow Combination is better coverage of component surfaces, more consistent results and accelerated processing times.


The elevator used to sequence powerful ultrasonic cleaning and turbo/agitation washing. The turbo/agitation washing removes gross contaminants and the ultrasonic cleaning the finer and/or more resistive contaminants. The result of this very effective processing routine is faster cleaning and more effective processing. The steps are sequenced with digital cascading timers for agitation washing and ultrasonic cleaning phases. The ultrasonic stage can be set to provide vertical oscillation of the work during the sonic cycle. A selector switch is provided for static ultrasonic or oscillating ultrasonic modes. And using our MultipleRollover feature the dual mode process can be repeated for any number of preset “rollovers”. The RAMCO ultrasonic system provides superior ultrasonic washing action over conventional (static) systems by moving the work through the peaks and nodes of the wave energy.

Vertical immersion pumps are used in the first two process stages as part of the Turbo/Filter systems. The use of vertical pumps eliminates seal problems inherent with centrifugal pumps. This is especially beneficial when using high pH, low pH or abrasive chemicals. A lip vent exhaust system is designed into the first process module to come on as the cover opens and shut of as the cover closes. It is designed for 150-200 cfm per square foot of opening. The slotted vent and large plenum extends across the front of the processing chamber(s). The plenum extends along the side of the chamber and terminates at the rear with a tubular axial fan. Positive mechanical ventilation (in accordance with recommendations from the chemical manufacturer – MSDS sheet) is designed to limit the accumulation of chemical vapors thereby making the system safer when the cover is open. Furthermore, limiting the spreading of chemical vapors from the surface of the solution to the surrounding area will lessen any hazard to the immediate environment.


The rinsing stages include immersion and spray DI rinses in the same tank. This is accomplished by having the basket first oscillate in a low overflowing immersion zone followed by a final pure rinse in an upper spray zone. A dual timers are used to sequence the steps.

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