The Ultrasonic Immersion Parts Washer Advantage

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The Ultrasonic Immersion Parts Washer Advantage

What is the ultrasonic immersion parts washer advantage? This specialized form of cleaning industrial parts is exceedingly proficient at streamlining the process of contending with tough buildup and eradicating stubborn contaminants. In many cases, dirt, debris, grease, oils, powders and other substances are stubbornly attached, requiring even more than a standard wash. Many parts made of metals, plastics, ceramic material, glass, rubber and more must also be handled very carefully. So, removing tough, unwanted substances without damaging the parts themselves can pose a real challenge.

Adding the ultrasonic factor to the washing process is particularly advantageous when cleaning medical equipment and devices, automotive parts, aerospace components, intricately machined parts, and much more. The key is cavitation.

The “Ins and Outs” of Ultrasonic Parts Washing

“Ins and Outs” is surprisingly apt when referring to an ultrasonic immersion parts washer because the cleaning solution is moved in, out, around and over all of the parts being cleaned. It’s how the solution is moved that is unique to the process.

Parts are fully immersed into the cleaning tank that has been filled with the washing solution. When turned on, the power supply, an ultrasonic generator, produces AC electrical energy and converts it into energy that powers the heart of the unit, an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer is a component made up of a backing, a radiating plate and an “active element.” Typically, the active elements are piezoelectric crystals. The crystals transform the electrical oscillations emanating from the generator into pressure pulses against the transducer’s radiating plat, causing it to act as a diaphragm, sending compression waves into the cleaning solution.

Then comes the cavitation. The ultrasonic energy creates “cavities,” or voids which are then trapped as bubbles in the liquid. The bubbles form somewhat gradually until they then implode in a burst of intense energy against the part’s surfaces and break the contaminants loose, to be rinsed away. The precise level of cavitation is dependent upon what frequency is generated. High frequencies, up to 200kHz, result in smaller cavitation which is suitable for pieces with more intricate surface features as well as fine grooves and undercutting. Frequencies as low as 20 kHz yield larger and stronger bubbles, ideal for larger parts with heavy buildup of contaminants.

The RAMCO Advantage

RAMCO’s ultrasonic immersion parts washer line offers systems of various sizes and shapes. They can be configured any number of ways from single to multi-tank systems. The proper unit and configurations are dependent upon the sizes, weights, attributes and tolerances of the parts to be cleaned. This, in addition to the volume of the tank, will, in turn, be a determining factor in a) how many watts of ultrasonic power per gallon, and b) how many ultrasonic transducers are required for the job as well as their placement.

Furthermore, the ultrasonic immersion parts washer may be part of an integrated setup that includes passivation or another washing regimen.

There’s added variety in that RAMCO’s ultrasonic parts washers are compatible with both aqueous (water-based) or solvent-based cleaning preparations. Which solution is sued will depend upon the parts to be washed and the types of contaminants to be removed. Here, the effectiveness of the cleaning process is governed in part by the temperature of the cleansing bath. While higher temperatures tend to produce faster results, care has to be taken to ensure that the temperature in compatible with the parts to be washed.

Another advantage is that the ultrasonic process can be combined with other processes to effect more efficient overall cleaning of particularly difficult parts or those that may need special handling.

A key advantage of the RAMCO Ultrasonic System is the unique Dynamic Flow Processing incorporating ultrasonic burst cycles into timed and alternating regimens such that the sonics works on the tenacious soils, loosens it, then the system automatically switches to turbulation and filtration and hydraulic flushing, and then back again. This can be set to repeat any number of times depending upon the tenacity of the soils and the part substrates. This is very unusual and major departure from traditional immersion cleaning tanks that may also use ultrasonics, but in a more static way. We find this to be highly effective in producing clean parts, with speed and consistency. The results are faster cleaning and more effective overall processing.

Our Expertise at Work for You

Partnering with RAMCO’s experts continues after system installation. We’ll provide the necessary operator training and help with ongoing support via our network of specialists.

See what a RAMCO Ultrasonic Immersion Parts Washing System a can do for your business. Contact the RAMCO factory at 800-553-3650.

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