The Migi Kleen Series

The Migi Kleen Series

Migi-Kleen is an immersion parts washer designed for the removal of oils, chips and dirt from a wide range of components. It accomplishes this using a simple and rugged pneumatically powered reciprocating platform. The immersion chamber is engineered to adapt a variety of auxiliary items, as required by the application, to heighten the chemical and/or mechanical activity of the cleaning solution.


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Typical Applications –

  • Removal of oil and chips from machined components, castings and housings.
  • Removal of buffing and lapping compounds.
  • Cleaning prior to welding, deburring, brazing, or blasting.
  • Precision cleaning prior to assembly or final packaging.
  • General washing for maintenance, rework and/or remanufacturing.
  • Carbon, rust, ink and paint removal.
  • Passivation, phosphating, alodine.
  • FPI – preclean, FPI process, and post clean.
  • Tube washing.

Easy to Operate

Migi-Kleen does the dirty work. It completely eliminates the need to clean parts by hand. The transport elevator automatically processes the work. Valuable labor is saved for more cost effective operations.

load flip_a_switch unload
  • The operator loads contaminated parts or basket(s) of parts onto a sturdy transport elevator.
  • With the simple flip of a switch, the elevator automatically lowers the work into the immersion chamber and reciprocates, up and down, up to 240 strokes per minute. Vigorous mechanical agitation swishes solution against all surfaces, in and around holes and recesses.
  • Stubborn contaminants are washed away with complete ease and without hand labor. The operator returns at his/her convenience, flips the switch and the transport elevator rises to the original loading position.

Ideal for Cellular Cleaning

Migi-Kleens take up a minimum of floor space and accommodate a wide assortment of component sizes and configurations. A broad spectrum of cleanliness levels can be satisfied. Starting with the basic modular system, you can integrate additional agitation apparatus and/or effluent controls to meet your requirements. From in process to final precision cleaning, the Migi-Kleen Series does it all.

Migi-Kleen includes the following standard features:

  • Heavy gauge steel (stainless steel) construction with flange up solution drip lip.
  • Sturdy transport elevator with no internal bearings.
  • Hinged cover with fusible safety link.
  • Safety guard to enclose moving parts.
  • Air line filter, regulator, and lubricator.
  • Single switch control.

Optional features to enhance efficiency and overall cleanliness:

  • Oil removal systems for tramp oil that rises to the surface.
  • Electric, steam or gas heating systems to provides rapid heat-up and controlled solution temperatures up to 250 degrees F.
  • Digital timers to precisely controls overall cleaning cycles.
  • Standard reciprocating platform provides vigorous mechanical agitation up to 240 strokes per minute.
  • Dual stroke control — rapidly reciprocating short stroke for general cleaning or long stroke, in and out of solution, for flushing blind holes.
  • Powerful Filter/Turbo systems (see photo below) to enhance and accelerate the washing or rinsing process.



Due to their unique modular design, these units can be combined to readily suit any need. As an example they can be placed side by side to form a wide variety of multi-stage systems with a broad spectrum of cleaning options such as wash/rinse/dry, or pre-wash/wash/rinse/rinse/dry.


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