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Parts Washing Systems for Every Industry from RAMCO

Parts washing systems are only as good as the company that makes them. RAMCO continues it 90-plus years as a family-owned business, keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of industries that rely on safe, dependable parts washing systems that are built to last and produce superior results. As manufacturers adapt to the technological evolution of their industries one crucial factor remains constant: they must continue to maintain and improve the quality of the parts that they produce. There is no substitute for the meticulous cleaning all of the component parts of their own products, equipment and systems.

When RAMCO partners with a customer, our considerable expertise is at their disposal. By taking into account the cleaning requirements including the parts, shapes, weights, production requirements, etc., we arrive at the most efficient and economical approach to providing them with an optimum parts washing system and process. Every aspect of parts washing from cleaning, rinsing, drying, to effluent controls and operator safety in reviewed.

Military Applications

The needs and requirements of the defense industry are among the most rigorous of any industry. For example, one case involved cleaning the latest in walkie-talkie technology for use by Navy Seal and Army Special Forces in the Middle East. The cleaning of all parts was essential to ensure functionality. While other services were tried first with unsatisfactory results. It was RAMCO that met all the stringent criteria successfully and, in the words of the military supplier assigned to this detail, “We are now cleaning every part we make in the RAMCO parts washer.”

Agricultural Applications

Agricultural machinery and equipment take a real beating as they are subjected to everything from extreme amounts of dust, soil and dirt. Coupled with weather conditions and heavy use, their component parts are at risk for costly repairs and even total breakdowns. A consistent regimen of the washing of all parts can yield substantial savings.

Medical Applications

While there are some types of medical equipment that can be cleaned manually by users, there are many more that require customizing  parts washing systems for the medical industry. There are protocols in place that dictate that parts and equipment go “beyond clean.” This is the realm of strict adherence to cleanliness standards. Parts may have to be subjected to repeated in-process washing cycles to ensure they meet the requirements. In addition, the parts washing systems themselves may need to undergo sanitization. In one instance, RAMCO’s precision washing of surgical components had to effectively streamline the clean and dry thousands of small parts.

Automotive Applications

Freeing automotive parts of grease, coolant residues, oils, grime, corrosion, adhesives and other contaminants is another industry-specific arena where RAMCO parts washing systems excel. There’s a machine suited to every part from engine blocks to rotors, brake systems, pans, exhaust parts, and virtually every other automotive parts. RAMCO’s superior cleaning of two hydraulic manifolds utilized our proprietary elevator system and steel platform roller conveyors played an essential role in the assignment.

Mass Transit Applications

The public transportation industry must contend with incredibly harsh conditions in severe locations such as tunnels, above ground or underground track systems. Every mode of transportation, whether it be by bus, train or subway, the primary objective is for public safety. Engines, bearings, entire suspension systems and more are subject to so much wear and tear that, unless all constituent parts are thoroughly cleaned in reliable and exceptional parts washing system, lives are at risk. New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Railroad are among the authorities that make use of RAMCO’s parts washers for their massive rail and bus overhauls.

Marine Applications

All watercraft, whether a large ship or a small lobster boat are subject to one of the most corrosive substances on the planet: water. Salt water or fresh water leave parts subject to rust and degradation. Motors, engine parts, drive shafts, and more have to contend not only with water, but also with the buildup and harmful effects of fuel residue, grease, oil or other lubricants. RAMCO parts washing systems handle them all, from large to small.

Aircraft and Aerospace Application

The mammoth task of cleaning a jet engine, depends on a multi-phase process that begins with disassembly, washing and full overhaul. RAMCO’s system of NFPA Floating Cylinder and Transport Elevators are the key to unsurpassed results. This methodology puts our emphasis on rigorous adherence to cleanliness standards for parts that go into anything that flies.

Electronics Application

The electronics industries see rapid changes year after year. The intricacies and fragile nature of many electrical components depend on flawless manufacture, making them far more susceptible to damage when being cleaned. The integrity of every part cannot be compromised. RAMCO’s MKD16 Multi Stage/Wash Rinse Console is an effective parts washing system for electronic components with its Multiple Rollover sequencing.

Heavy Equipment Applications

Parts washing systems that can tackle oversized, heavy parts and equipment need to be workhorses that are designed to withstand the intense burden that comes with servicing heavy duty pieces such as axles, components of construction vehicles and more. A case in point: beginning with a fork lift to transport a 2,000 pound mold onto the washer, this mold is going to need “RAM TOUGH” treatment.

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