RAMCO Low Flash Point Solvent Parts Washing System

Low Flash Point Solvent Washing System

The wash system shown below was built in 1996 for a major manufacturer of precision bearings. The design combines multiple cleaning modes (turbulent agitating immersion and agitating spray) to provide a highly effective process for batch degreasing of the bearings. A low flash point solvent is used requiring explosion proof electrical. The system is fully automatic. The operator simply loads a basket of dirty bearings onto the work platform and starts the cycle with the push of a button. The elevator descends into the processing zone and the cover closes. Turbulent solvent washing (with agitation) in the immersion zone is immediately followed by spray washing in the spray zone. Digital cycle timers control the cycle times. A lip vent exhaust system is sequenced to energize as the cover opens and shut off when the cover closes.


Combining elevator oscillation with directed turbulence and power spray enhances the process by constantly changing flow patterns within the cleaning chamber. See Dynamic Flow Combinations.

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