RAMCO Explosion Proof Solvent Parts Washing System – Mineral Spirits

This solvent washing system was built for a large mass transit overhaul facility. It is designed for washing critical drive components in a low flashpoint solvent. The components to be cleaned are batch loaded into baskets and placed onto a transport elevator. A three position pneumatic valve is used to control the process – up, down (soak) or agitate. As the elevator(s) descend into solution the cover(s) close automatically.

The tanks and exterior panels are constructed of stainless steel . The system is all pneumatically driven. An air diaphragm pump is used to operate the large filtration unit (see below). A lip vent exhaust system is attached to the washing tanks and ducted to a remote blower. The entire system is explosion proof and safety interlocked to prevent operation if the exhaust system is not functioning.

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