RAMCO Explosion Proof Parts Washing System Console for Low Flash Point Solvent

Explosion Proof Washing System

This washing system was built in 1998 for use with a low flash point solvent requiring explosion proof electrical. It provides a highly effective process for the removal of resins. The entire system is built in strict accordance with NFPA regulations for Class 1, Division 1 solvents. The design combines multiple cleaning modes using platform oscillation and solution turbulation in the primary wash stage followed by platform oscillation alone in the adjoining secondary wash stage.



The system is automatic. A digital timer is used to control the cycle. The operator simply loads a basket of contaminated components onto the work platform and starts the cycle with the push of a button. The elevator descends into the processing zone and the cover closes. When the cycle is over the cover opens and the elevator rises to the original loading position. A lip vent exhaust system is sequenced to energize as the cover opens and shut off when the cover closes. Each chamber includes roller conveyor platform for easy transfer between stages.

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