RAMCO Etching System for Copper Tubes

Etch/Rinse/RP Console for Copper Tubes

This standard MKT24EWRR has been modified for air blow-offs after the wash and rust prevent stages. The customer is etching numerous small copper tubes amassed within a steel housing. A mild acid wash is used to remove contaminants and etch the insides of the copper tubes. The assemblies are rinsed in water and then a rust preventative is applied to protect the steel housing.


The tank is made of type 316L stainless steel due to the corrosive nature of the acid. The system employs special pneumatic cylinders to provide an immersion zone and an air blow-off zone within the wash and RP tanks. The process uses dual digital cycle timers to control the elevators and sequence the staging – timed immersion followed by timed air blow-off.

The entire process is performed under a closed powered pneumatic cover to minimize solution and vapor dragout. The cover is automatically sequenced via digital timers and relay logic to close after the elevators have gone down and open when the process is completed allowing the elevators to rise to the original loading position via pneumatic sequencers.

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