RAMCO Wash/Rinse System for Large Parts

Wash/Rinse System for Large Parts Baskets

RAMCO-equipment-immersion-parts-washer-washing-CM-series-large tank
Ramco has a long history in building custom and often challenging parts washers. The above wash/rinse system was recently built for a major aerospace contractor. It was designed to replace a large vapor degreaser with an environmentally safe water based detergent washing system. The system consists of two huge agitating parts washers to degrease 216 cubic feet of components in a basket with a gross weight of 1000 pounds. Each station is controlled via a digital cycle timer to automatically transport the workload into solution, wash or rinse with oscillating platform agitation and return the work to the original loading position. A large pneumatic power cover on each station automatically opens and closes in sequence with the elevator position. Additional features include an Oil Decant System with Surface Sweep (shown to the left) and a SuperTurbo on the wash. Each tank holds 3110 gallons, stands 109″ to the loading height and 212″ overall height!

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