RAMCO Washing System for Cleaning Aluminum Rollers

This four stage Wash/Rinse/Rinse/Dry Console System was designed for cleaning several families of hollow aluminum rollers prior to coating. The rollers are loaded into specially designed racks (shown on the platforms and in the foreground) and placed onto a load conveyor. Four racks can be processed at a time through the system. This standard MKD Series includes bottom flushing manifolds and long stroke oscillation.


The inside and outside of the rollers are flushed (above) with directional turbulation combined with platform oscillation. The cavities as well as the surfaces of the rollers are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. The system includes a unique hot air dryer designed to quickly evaporate residual water from the rollers. It accomplishes this using air knife blow off manifolds and the up/down motion of the standard pneumatic oscillating platform.

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