RAMCO RapidFlow™ Tube Washing System

RapidFlow™ Tube Washing Systems are engineered for batch cleaning of tubes in the horizontal orientation. Tubes are preloaded into specially designed baskets and placed onto the elevator. The elevator moves the load into the working zone and oscillates the tube bundle for optimum coverage.

The photo below shows the powerful flushing action. A push header (submerged to the left) directs the flow into the tube openings as a pull header draws the flow through. The resultant flow coming through the tubes can be seen along the right side of the basket.


RAMCO Equipment RapidFlow™ Tube Washing System
RAMCO Equipment RapidFlow™ Tube Washing System

The RapidFlow™ system uses precision motor controls to progressively ramp-up to speed, varying flushing intensity, to established optimum flow for different IDs of tubing. The system is especially effective in cleaning small diameter tubing. The system is patented.

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