RAMCO RapidFlow™ for Long Tubes

RAMCO Equipment RapidFlow™ Long Tubes Washing System
RAMCO Equipment RapidFlow™ Long Tubes Washing System

This RapidFlow™ Tube Washing System was engineered for batch cleaning of tubes in the horizontal orientation. The system washes and rinses tubing in bundles up to 144″ long with internal diameters as small as 1/8″.


Tubes are loaded into a specially designed basket positioned on the elevator. The elevator moves the basket into the working zone and oscillates the tube bundle up/down for optimum coverage. The basket is easily moved from the wash to rinse and the cycle repeated.


A push header directs flow into the tube openings and a pull header draws the flow through. The lateral turbulent flow washes the tubes inside and out. RapidFlow™ Tube Washing Systems are the safe modern way to clean long tubing without using solvents.

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