RAMCO Precision Washing System for Large Housings

This Case History involved a precision cleaning application for various large housings and assemblies. The parts ranged in size up to 38″L x 27″W x 28″H and in weight up to 200 pounds. The process required ultrasonics, turbo/agitation/filtration, MultiPort oscillation, cascading rinsing and hot air knife drying.


The line runs left to right. All stations abut to take up a minimum of floor space. Roller conveyor platforms are split on the wash and rinse stations to allow for maximum flow in the working zone.

MultiPortâ„¢ Oscillation is added to the first three stages to enhance the washing and rinsing processes ensuring solution reaches all surfaces of the complex housings and assemblies. MultiPortâ„¢ permits platform oscillation within different zones of the process chamber. With MultiPortâ„¢ seven strokes are available to choose from, each with a distinct altitude and zone of operation. As an example you can oscillate in and out of solution using a short stroke in just the upper half of the chamber, or switch to an extended long stroke in and out of solution through the entire chamber. This feature lets you fine tune applications for the optimum agitation stroke, turbo flow pattern and zoning for filling/draining of cavities without ever having to adjust solution levels.

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