RAMCO Precision Cleaning of Engine Blocks Wash / Rinse System

Precision Engine Block Wash / Rinse System

This application is a Precision Wash – Rinse System built for thorough cleaning of high performance engine blocks. The basic system is constructed from the MK Series but the tanks are built to handle loads up to 300 pounds. The orientation and configuration of the filtration, oil removal and ultrasonics are specifically designed to work within the parameters of the process and the cleaning room layout. The piping, control valves, pumps, filter housings, oil removal system, immersibles and generators of the engine parts washers are all designed for accessibility and service.
RAMCO Precision Wash - Rinse System built for thorough cleaning of high performance engine blocks.
RAMCO Precision Wash – Rinse System built for thorough cleaning of high performance engine blocks.


ULTRASONIC WASH with Turbo/Filter – The first stage is the Precision Wash. It incorporates ultrasonics combined with agitation and turbulation using MultipleRollover, and OR6-CVS oil removal system with SurfaceSweep.

The unique RAMCO ultrasonic system cascades powerful sweep frequency (between 38 to 42 kHz) ultrasonics with our standard turbo/filter/agitation washing. Using mechanical agitation washing to remove gross contamination and ultrasonic cleaning to remove finer and/or more resistive deposits is a very effective processing routine. The steps are sequenced with dual digital cascading timers for agitation washing before (or after) the ultrasonic cleaning phase. Our MultipleRollover feature repeats the dual mode process for any number of preset “rollovers”. The results are faster and more effective cleaning .

RAMCO Equipment ultrasonic system.
RAMCO Equipment ultrasonic system.

The ultrasonic stage can be set to provide vertical oscillation of the work during the cycle. A selector switch can be provided for static ultrasonic or oscillating ultrasonic modes. This option provides a superior ultrasonic washing action over conventional systems by moving the work through the peaks and nodes of the wave energy.

The Turbo/Filter system uses interior manifolds specially designed for flushing out recessed passageways.

The OR6-CVS oil removal system removes floating oils from the surface of the wash station to a remote quiet tank for separation. It prevents floating oil from redepositing onto cleaned parts.

RINSE – A heated RP rinse is uses after the wash to remove detergent residue and apply a rust preventative. The Rinse Stage includes Turbo/Filter to improve rinsing and remove fine particulate. The elevator moves the basket into the working zone and oscillates the parts in solution with either a short or long stroke. Dual stroke oscillation provides both short and long strokes. A selector switched is used to select either long 5 to 9 inch or short 2 to 4 inch strokes. The long stroke is used to provide better flushing (hydraulically forcing solution though the working zone) for nested masses of parts and/or complex shapes with recessed passages whereas the short stroke is used to provide quicker oscillations and faster cleaning of simple parts and/or part configurations. Flexibility in stroke ranges and speeds produces more comprehensive cleaning (see Dynamic Flow Combination).

A common connecting section with backsplash (above left) is provided for rinsing down and/or blowing off parts between stages.

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