RAMCO Precision Automotive Tube Washing System

RAMCO has built many unique multistage systems. This customer required precision cleaning of several different sizes of aluminum tubes. The system had to completely clean lots of organic oil as well as some fine and tenacious soils from inside and outside the tubes and in particular recessed splines formed when the tubes were made. Different lengths and diameters of tubes had to be accommodated within the same system. The cleaning agents had to be aluminum safe and environmentally friendly.

A five stage process was developed at RAMCO using turbo/filtration for prewashing, ultrasonic/ turbo/filtration for precision washing, dual cascading immersion DI rinses and a hot air knife dryer. The photo below shows the line. Included in the scope of supply were a catwalk, load lift and unload stations (unpainted) and a corner turntable to facilitate operator access, material handling and work flow.


The system sequenced powerful turbo/agitation washing and ultrasonic cleaning using digital cascading timers for agitation washing and ultrasonic cleaning phases. Using RAMCO MulipleRollover the dual mode process was repeated for a number of preset “rollovers”. The basket was configured to facilitate powerful turbo flushing and ultrasonics inside and outside the tubes and targeted splines.


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