RAMCO Large Paint Stripping System

Large Industrial Paint Stripping System

RAMCO has extensive expertise in the design, engineering and fabrication of industrial paint stripping systems. This Case History is based on replacing a toxic solvent paint stripper with an environmentally safer aqueous based stripping process. The modern process requires greater capabilities on the part of the overall stripping system. Specifically, the equipment has to provide greater mechanical agitation and filtration to get the desired level of cleanliness.


The system consists of a large paint stripper that can handle a 70″ long x 36″ wide x 24″ high basket with a gross weight of 2000 pounds. An automatic opening and closing cover and a lip vent exhaust system are included. The cover and exhaust system are integrated with the transport elevator. The system is designed to energize the exhaust when the cover opens and shut the exhaust off when the cover closes.


RAMCO paint stripping using platform oscillation and TurboFilter.
RAMCO paint stripping using platform oscillation and TurboFilter.

The paint stripping process uses platform oscillation and TurboFilter to provide sufficient mechanical agitation and filtration. The system incorporates large capacity duplex filter canisters and a vertical immersion pump. The photo above shows the surface activity of the turbulation system. The solution movement of the turbo is designed to flush away paint residues and to continuously apply fresh chemical to newly exposed layers of paint, thereby speeding the entire action. The flow is variable and can be adjusted so as not to disturb a surface seal (if required).

The main controls are mounted in a Nema 12 panel (see below) with lockout-tagout disconnect, digital indicating temperature controller and digital cycle timer with start/stop push buttons and process control selector switches. The system is electrically heated.


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