RAMCO High Volume Precision Aqueous Cleaning for Surgical Components

This fully automated wash/rinse/rinse/dry system was built in 1997 for a manufacturer of small surgical components. It completely removes polishing compounds from thousands of small components loaded into baskets and placed into transport carriers. Each transport carrier holds up to six baskets. The system can easily process twelve carriers (72 baskets) per hour.


The automation includes a zero pressure power feed conveyor to stage, feed and position four carriers at a time. Lateral transfer through the cleaning stages is accomplished using RAMCO’s patented RamTough articulating walking beam (see RAM TOUGH Automation). Each stage includes a transport elevator that gently takes carriers into and out of the processing zone and slowly agitates the workload during the process (see Dynamic Flow Combinations). An automatic unloading conveyor is placed at the end of the line with the capacity to hold four clean and dry carriers. Controls include an operators control panel with Allen-Bradley SLC500 for running the automation.

Each stage includes easy to use digital cycle timers and digital temperature controllers. The system includes high powered sweep frequency ultrasonics with Ramco’s MultipleRollover system (see Dynamic Flow Combinations), large capacity filtration, dual cascading DI rinses and a doudle capacity hot air knife blow off dryer for rapid drying without excessive heat (see RAM TOUGH Dryers). Automatic covers are included to reduce emissions and save on energy.

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