RAMCO Console System for Washing / Rinsing / Drying

The MKT24 Series Immersion Wash System

RAMCO sets the standard for flexible modular washing systems. The MKT24 washers are the first industrial strength consoles (wash/rinse/dry) built for the rigors of production. The basic system is very flexible, designed to accept a broad range of auxiliary items, making it adaptable and suitable for a wide variety of applications. For example, the MKT24 below is built for removal of water soluble oils and some chips from small components batch loaded in baskets.


The line runs left to right. The system consists of two immersion stages that can wash and rinse up to 20″ long x 20″ wide baskets with a gross weight of 150 pounds. The wash station uses platform oscillation and powerful sweep frequency ultrasonics with a Turbo/Filter system. The rinse stage uses platform oscillation with a Turbo/Filter system

Another example of MKT24 flexibility. This application is to degrease petroleum based oil and chips. Oil removal and turbo/filtration systems are used for the washing followed by immersion/agitation rinsing. The wash and rinse stages included MultiPort Oscillation to allow blind holes to oscillate in and out of solution. This feature augments the wash and rinse stages by continuously filling and draining the blind holes. The parts are dried in a very effective hot air knife/blow-off drying stage. Each stage includes digital cycle timers and temperature controllers.


The system is built in accordance with Nema 12 electrical and NEC codes including the control panels, switches, pilot lights and lockout-tagout disconnect switch. Platform roller conveyors are included on each elevator to facilitate transfer between stages. Automatic opening/closing covers are provided. AutomationReady is included to allow the system to be upgraded to full automation with patented RamTough Automation. see MKT24 with Automation

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