RAMCO Cleaning Large Impellers

Cleaning Large Impellers

This standard Aja-Kleen was modified for cleaning a family of large machined impellers. The customers had to quickly and effectively remove lots of chips from internal passageways of a series of large impellers. The process required washing and rinsing using precision directional turbulence to remove the chips.


The system used our standard oscillating elevator to transport the impellers into and out of the working zone and to position and move the impellers within the working zone. The impellers were oriented with the open ends of the vanes facing down. Using the normal up/down stroke of the elevator combined with a tailored turbulation system provided a very effective fluid flushing action in and out and radially through the openings. Its is this function of the RAMCO system that allows it to achieve superior results – better coverage and accelerated processing times.

RAMCO-equipment-immersion-parts-washer-washing-CM-series-large impellers

Due to the relatively light weight to mass ratio of the impellers and the powerful flushing and oscillating forces applied during the cleaning process it was imperative that the impellers were held down onto each elevator platform. Furthermore, the faces of the impellers had highly machined surfaces requiring a coated basket/carrier for transfer from wash to rinse.


To handle these processing requirements and still provide sufficient flow to and through the impellers we used a split conveyor section on the washing station with a threaded hold-down fitting that allowed the operator to easily fasted the impeller on the coated basket/carrier to the elevator platform. A section of one of the flushing manifolds can be seen through the liquid.

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