RAMCO Precision Cleaning of Heat Exchangers

MK Series Precision Cleans Heat Exchangers in the UK

This MK48ESS/WR system is designed for precision cleaning a number of heat exchangers for the removal interior tenacious carbon deposits. The carbon is imbedded within a mass of fine tubes requiring a combination of ultrasonic cleaning (to loosen the contaminant) and specific flushing (to fully remove the deposits from the assembly). The nature of the carbon required an alternative solvent (with high flash point) for the washing process and a secondary solvent for the final rinsing.

MK48ESS/WR System
MK48ESS/WR System

The heart of the system is the adroit use of the elevator within each processing chamber. The elevator is used to transport components into and out of each chamber. However, its most important function is to position and move the components within the working zone. It is this dynamic function that allows RAMCO systems to achieve superior results in washing, rinsing and drying. We call this Dynamic Flow Combination. The effect of Dynamic Flow Combination is better coverage of component surfaces, more consistent results and accelerated processing times.

The system includes powerful ultrasonics, pneumatic covers, dual stroke oscillation, Nema 12 panel with lockout-tagout disconnect, digital indicating temperature controllers, automatic cycle timers and Turbo/Filter. The entire system is CE certified.

The inside of the degreasing chamber includes flushing manifolds designed to flow the loosened soils off the parts using a high volume all stainless steel vertical immersion pump to direct solvent into the working zone. The system provides an even flow of turbulent solution over, under, around and through components. The flow is adjustable. RAMCO turbo systems are proven to accelerate processing time in washing and/or rinsing. A large filtration system is included. It uses a stainless steel filter canister with a 150 micron bag element and is equipped with a stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge. Other micron sizes are available.

RAMCO Equipment ultrasonic system.
RAMCO Equipment ultrasonic system.


The unique RAMCO ultrasonic system cascades powerful sweep frequency (between 38 to 42 kHz) ultrasonics with our standard turbo/filter/agitation washing. Using mechanical agitation washing to remove gross contamination and ultrasonic cleaning to remove finer and/or more resistive deposits is a very effective processing routine. The steps are sequenced with dual digital cascading timers for agitation washing before (or after) the ultrasonic cleaning phase. And using our MultipleRollover feature the dual mode process can be repeated for any number of preset “rollovers”. The results are faster cleaning and more effective overall processing.

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