RAMCO Automatic System for Washing / Rinsing / Drying Machined Castings


This Three Stage Wash/Rinse/Dry Console System was designed for cleaning a family of machined castings, removing light oil and chips. The machined castings, shown in the foreground, are each placed onto special pinracks that fit and orient all units in the family. The castings are flushed with directional turbulation combined with platform oscillation. This standard MKT Series includes a Ramcos patented Ram-Tough Automation System.


The back side of the machine shows the Nema 12 main control panel with lockout-tagout disconnect switch and remote operators control pedestal. TurboFilter systems are installed on the wash and rinse stages to improve flow and accelerate the cleaning time. The unique dryer is designed to remove trapped water from a variety of blind mounting holes in the corners of opposing machined faces of the castings. It accomplishes this using custom blow off manifolds and the up/down motion of the standard pneumatic oscillating platform (shown below) to provide the required technique and coverage.




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