RAMCO Aqueous Cleaning System for Large Molds and Dies

Aqueous Cleaning System for Large Molds and Dies

The above wash and rinse system was designed for cleaning large heavy molds weighing up to 2000 pounds. The process removes contaminants using an aqueous cleaning agent. The mold is loaded by fork lift truck onto a loading conveyor section and transferred through wash and rinse stages over roller conveyors.


Each stage includes a transport elevator to carry the mold into and out of the working zone. The elevator also oscillates up and down during the process cycle. The operator loads the mold and presses a start button. The elevator automatically descends into solution and the powered cover closes. The process is controlled with digital timers and temperature controllers. When the cycle is complete the cover opens and the mold is automatically transported to the original loading position. Special features include a patent pending lateral turbo system. See RAM TOUGH Agitating Washers – 500+ pounds.

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