RAMCO AMKT24 Immersion Washing Systems

RAMCO sets the standard for flexible modular washing systems. The MKD/T24 Series washers are the first industrial strength consoles built for the rigors of production. The basic system is very flexible, designed to accept a broad range of auxiliary items, making it adaptable and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

RamTough Automation is the first retrofittable system for immersion parts washers. This patented system allows a manual line to be upgraded to full automation at a later date without modification. Automation Ready cable receptacles are installed in the control panel(s). Internally all transfer functions are wired to the cable ready receptacle(s). When you want to automate the articulating walking arm assembly is bolted on and the mating cable connector(s) plugged in. All transfer functions are now controlled by the automation PLC. It’s as simple as that! Automation Ready is the safest most cost effective way to invest in a system. It gives you the flexibility of grooving in and tailoring your operation before locking into automation.


These Case Histories show two automated AMKT24 applications. The system above was designed for precision cleaning of medical components. The standard MKT24 Wash – Rinse – Dry Console was upgraded to full automation with RamTough. Other features include ultrasonics, turbo/filtration, oil removal system and all stainless steel guards and insulation panels.

The system below cleans precision manufactured automotive fittings. It produces 144 parts per basket and 10 to 15 baskets per hour. The standard MKT24 Wash – Rinse – Dry Console was upgraded to full automation with RamTough. Other features include turbo/filtration, oil removal system, all stainless steel front automation guard and an enclosed design with integrated exhaust hood with Lexan viewing panels.


The systems were built in accordance with Nema 12 electrical and NEC codes including the control panels, switches, pilot lights and lockout-tagout disconnect switch. Platform roller conveyors are included on every elevator to facilitate transfer between stages. Automatic opening/closing covers are also provided over every stage to reduce chemical emissions and heat loss.

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