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Parts Washers for Surface Treatment – RAMCO’s Edge

RAMCO’s overriding goal is to offer state-of-the-art immersion parts washers for surface treatment that are not only durable and dependable, they are fabricated to your exacting specs. What they all have in common is our “four phase edge,” designed to help:

1) Reduce your processing costs

2) Reduce your energy consumption by operating at lower temperatures

3) Reduce your treatment times

4) Reduce the number of steps in the process, wherever possible

This applies to processing results across a full spectrum of surface treatment applications. RAMCO parts washers for surface treatment are currently in use for aerospace, medical, appliances, military, automotive and many more. Their surface treatment requirements range from degreasing to passivation to both acid and alkaline washing solutions, deoxidation, and corrosion prevention, to name just a few.

The Increased Demand for Lighter Metals

Throughout virtually every major industry – automotive, aerospace, electronics, and heavy industry, etc., the use of lightweight metals is on the rise. The increased demand for metals such as magnesium and aluminum means that the manufacturers employing them must also be able to maintain their quality over the course of their entire manufacturing process. Many times, these metals are not only being utilizing in their “pure” form, they’re also being combined with other necessary metals to reduce the overall weight of the component or part.

According to the recent report, 2020 North American Light Vehicle Aluminum Content and Outlook, released by Duck Frontier, the aluminum content in the automotive industry projects a growth rate of 12% by 2026 (that translates to 514 pounds per vehicle).

This is of particular importance to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that must make sure the components and parts that they market to the industries they serve meet all specs. Ensuring the integrity of the various surface treatments that parts require is paramount.

Above: Desmut and Alodine System constructed from the MK Series and MKT Console Series. Please note that there are many variations to the Alodine Process. See the Aerospace Applications.

Take Advantage of an Extra Edge

We’ve already seen that the immediate and long-term demand for light metals is on the rise. Such a rise in demand has a ripple effect as manufacturers seek out a reliable source to ensure they can acquire parts washers for surface treatment that go “above and beyond.“ RAMCO designs systems that provide our partners with a value-added extra edge:

  • Thorough worker training
  • Local startup assistance
  • A comprehensive warranty
  • Ongoing technical support
  • System designs that require minimal maintenance

This gives your business an essential, value-added edge. You can be confident that RAMCO stands behind every aspect of its line of parts washers for surface treatment.

Aluminum – A Case in Point

To prepare aluminum for various uses, part surfaces receive a chromate conversion coat of alodine. This coating is a very good corrosion protectant. In addition, it acts as an excellent preparatory coating prior to the application of paint or the passivation process.

The above Alodine System uses the modular Console System. The line consists of Wash, Heated Rinse, Alodine 5700, Cold Rinse, Heated Rinse and Hot Air Knife Dryer. This is easily and conveniently accommodated in two standard MKD/Q16 Consoles.

In order to do this, all parts are first thoroughly cleaned to remove all foreign substances from the part’s surface. Any of RAMCO’s immersion washers will accomplish this. They range from very compact, if floor space is at a premium, to larger modular units, as well as fully or semi-automated, according to your needs.

Once fully cleaned, the parts undergo a heated rinse.

They’re now ready for the alodine coating. To achieve the best results and reduced processing time the parts are treated with cold water alodine application using a high efficiency turbulation system. This configuration employs a stainless steel, high-velocity pump with adjustable flow rate (the rate can be varied to ensure both cleaning results as well as conforming to the part’s tolerances). A consistent, even flow is directed over the part’s surface by closed-looped manifolds using precisely targeted multiple injectors.

Residual particulate matter is removed via a stainless steel filtration system with pressure gauge and reusable bag.

The turbulation stage is followed by a cold water rinse, a heated rinse, and finally all parts are finished with RAMCO’s Hot Air Knife Dryer.

Augmenting this basic procedure are a variety of additional options that may be necessary under certain conditions, depending upon the parameters of the job. They include:

Ultrasonic processing for surface treatment of specialized materials and/or more resistant contaminants. Ultrasonic systems can be configured as either static or oscillating processes.

MultiPort Oscillation featuring seven different stroke options, featuring precise attitude control and zone targeting.

Add-ons such as roller conveyor sections for both loading and unloading can further facilitate the entire process.

Digital cascading timers for precise individual event sequencing.

RAMCO’s oscillating elevator, located in each processing chamber serves a dual purpose. First, it transports components into and out of each chamber. Secondly, its primary purpose is to ensure full coverage by positioning and moving the parts through the treatment solution during the treatment process.

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