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Industrial Paint Stripping Systems: The RAMCO Choice

Industrial paint stripping systems for virtually any industry are one of RAMCO’s specialties. With a system configuration from RAMCO, our customers effectively realize savings over time by reducing the costs of replacing parts. An optimized paint stripping system from RAMCO can handle any part or component from large to small, significantly extending its “life.” Cleaned parts are ready to be re-introduced into production.

Strip Paint Properly From Virtually Any Metal

It’s well known that just as different metals have different properties and molecular structures, each metal will require its own particular treatment in order to be stripped of paint. The considerations are many, however, RAMCO paint stripping systems eliminate all guesswork.

Preparation – Stripping the surfaces is the first step in preserving the metal. It can either be a) re-painted, b)”pickled,” a treatment process that will remove corrosives like rust and even hinder new rust for a brief time, c) passivated – a chemical treatment that produces a protective oxide layer resistant to oxidation from air, chemicals or other contaminants.

Stripping paint off of aluminum – A costly metal, aluminum calls for a very precisely formulated chemical bath in order to maintain the metal’s integrity. Following the stripping process, aluminum does not require additional preservative measures.

Stripping unwanted paint off of galvanized steel – Here, paint stripping systems must be scrupulously configured for this unique material. In addition to removing paint, consideration has to be given to avoid ruining the steel’s zinc layer. However, RAMCO can also provide a system that can actually remove the zinc layer, if need be.

Paint stripping systems for stainless steel – Again, the type of system, the correct chemical cleaning agents and properly gauging the temperature specific to the sizes and durabilities of the parts to be stripped is of paramount importance.

To strip paint from copper and other metals – Requiring somewhat more specialized treatment, copper, is, compared to steel and others, a softer and more malleable metal. So too, brass, titanium, cast iron, magnesium and tin will necessitate specialized treaments.

Whatever the Industry, RAMCO Meets the Demands

Heavy Equipment, Construction, Manufacturing – These and other heavy industries have many things in common. They utilize many types of metals – metals that are exposed to all manner of corrosive elements. Much of the machinery, production materials and equipment are at the mercy of nature – extreme heat, moisture, soil, dust, debris, etc. When stripping, particular care must be taken in every case to preserve the metal’s tolerances and other crucial characteristics. It such characteristics are not preserved as they go through the stripping procedures, they can no longer be used. RAMCO’s paint stripping systems and the training we provide for our customers effectively prevent parts from damage. Often, in industries like construction, following the demolition of a facility, a certain portion of metal can be recycled for further use if adequately stripped and treated.

Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Mass Transit – The preponderance of painted parts in these industries makes their integrity and their life expectancy of prime importance. Their often prolonged exposure to nature’s most corrosive elements like salt water, extreme heat and cold, etc., can degrade the painted layers rapidly. Consequently, the need for superior industrial paint stripping systems is essential. Once stripped correctly parts can then be prepped for re-application of paint. The fact that there are many types of paint as well as paint additives used for hardening or resisting the corrosive properties of salt water, for example, make it all the more critical that the proper systems and cleaning stripping agents are matched with the metals to be stripped. When it comes to automotive and aerospace, all metal tolerances, molecular properties of the alloys, and even microscopic reduction in metal thickness all come into play. Stripping paint from such parts becomes more of a scientific endeavor than a simple matter of removing paint. Also, the designs of many parts are complex, fragile or intricate. As a result, removing paint from blind holes, etched surfaces, irregular contours all demand a higher level of precision.

Technological Advancement: The Chain Reaction

Like so many industries, the development of new technologies and products will often trigger a chain reaction. An advancement in one industry suddenly impacts surrounding industries such that one must either adapt or fall behind. RAMCO is no exception here – this company started over ninety years ago. Systematic adaptation is encoded into our company DNA. This ability to adapt is particularly true when it comes to the paint manufacturing industry. Industrial paint stripping systems must travel a parallel course with the paint industry due to the fact that paint formulations are forever evolving.

While for hundreds of years, basic paint and coating manufacturing were virtually static. Pigments, stabilizers and more are combined with a liquid (usually oil or water, and in some cases, other solvents).the paint’s dispersive properties are controlled by regulating particle size. However, advancements in paint manufacture are a direct result of scientific breakthroughs, government regulations and changing market demands.

For instance, the use of biocides (substances that inhibit the growth of organisms like mold or algae) impacts the attributes of the paint itself, which, in turn, has an impact on the paint stripping systems and methods to be employed. But now, such additives have seen a significant reduction, thereby demanding adaptation when it comes to stripping. Further advancements in the manufacturing of paints include new solvent and water-based formulations, additives that impact surface tension, powders that require higher concentrations, viscosity formulations, and even new mixing technologies.

Every one of these factors filters through to the paint stripping industry. RAMCO’s industrial paint stripping systems and every step of the process are then acclimated to ensure a positive outcome.

Take advantage of RAMCO’s adaptability and track record. To determine the paint stripping system that best suits your demands, contact or factory at 800-553-3650.

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