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Industrial Paint Stripping Systems by RAMCO

Top quality industrial paint stripping systems are a necessity for thousands of industries. When industries from automotive to construction to military and defense paint their products, it’s not done just to make them look nice. In many cases, the appearance of the surface material is not of primary concern. However, manufacturers must still prevent corrosion and surface oxidation of their products. Paint forms a protective layer for whatever material lies underneath. Whether iron, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood, paint provides some degree of protection. The types of paints vary with the equipment or the equipment’s component parts. They can be mixed with hardeners, powders or chemicals to increase hardness, provide waterproofing, inhibit rust, resist the accumulation of soil and dust, etc. In addition, the thickness of the paint and the number of coats applied will impact heavily on how to efficiently strip it off the parts’ surfaces.

Industrial Paint Stripping is Needed Sooner or Later

Eventually, all surface coatings like paint degrade, wear off or wear out. So too, painted products, machinery, their painted segments and the parts themselves require periodic maintenance or cleaning as well. But as we’ve just seen, not all paint coatings are the same. The methods of stripping the paint from surfaces have to be compatible and effective for the specific types of paint and employ the proper the industrial paint stripping process in order to avoid compromising the surface below. For example, the microstructure of stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized steel differ significantly. And, of course, there are other metals entirely such as magnesium, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and more. This means that to avoid damage and maintain the metal’s integrity, not only will industrial paint stripping demand particular cleaning agents for each, the process often requires a washing system unique to each as well.

At RAMCO, we are always on top of the latest regulations regarding industrial paint stripping chemicals. We continually refer to the Environmental Protection Agency’s directive regarding such substances. When necessary, we make sure to inform our customers of any and all regulations assigned to such chemicals that could potentially impact the amounts approved for usage as well as the manner in which they can be used.

The Paint Stripping Process

As equipment and machinery are utilized, they are exposed to everything from moisture to heat to chemicals to dirt and other debris. All of these build up on the painted surfaces and, in some cases, interact with the paint coating. When it comes time for serious maintenance, if the painted coating is just left there and the parts are washed, that same paint can prevent pieces from fitting back together properly, or ,worse still, paint can cause problems with breaking things down into individual parts.

In all cases, the process begins with a cleaning regimen to remove grease, soil, exposed rust, etc. This essential pretreatment guards against compromised or damaged parts that can render them useless.

Once the paint layer is fully exposed, it’s ready to be painstakingly stripped off. The operation does, in general involve a basic method. The proper stripping solution, whether a mixture of solvents, acids or primarily aqueous is prepared as a heated bath. The bath’s temperature varies according to the chemistry of the cleaning solution as well as both the paint’s properties and the types of metal surface. As the cleaning agents are absorbed by the paint, the paint is softened. It swells, blisters, loosens and finally disengages from the base surface.

There is then a choice of stripping method and the machinery needed to perform it. It may be a soaking and agitation process that, in order to protect the parts themselves, gradually loosens and dissolves paint away.

Then again, stripping the painted layers may necessitate the use of a system of turbo jets. In cases like these, the paint layers (or layers) are softened by the cleaning solution prior to the jets being employed.

RAMCO’s experts help our customers with defining the process including the characteristics of the cleaning agent, soil releasing method, bath life, and soil removal options.

RAMCO: Customer Choice for Industrial Paint Stripping Systems

With over ninety years of expertise, RAMCO remains at the forefront of assembling the optimum combination of machines and methods for handling industrial paint stripping challenges. No detail is left to chance, from the system’s construction from heavy gauge steel to its loading capacity. Electrical enclosures are built for ease of use and safety.

To see what RAMCO’s team of experts has in store for you and the new industrial paint stripping system to be built for your exacting needs, please contact our factory at 800-553-3650.

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