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Industrial Immersion Parts Washers: Advanced and Adaptable

Across dozens of industries, the demand for adaptable industrial immersion parts washers continues to grow. As the technology of manufacturing parts advances – resulting in parts with more exacting parameters for cleaning, so too, immersion systems to wash those parts must keep pace with the market, be able to adapt or risk becoming obsolete. It’s for this reason that RAMCO’s industrial immersion parts washers go beyond just tanks for parts to soak in. A RAMCO unit can function as a standalone washer with a basic washing cycle, or multiple units working side-by-side for an entire cleaning system. Add to that another level of adaptability with auxiliary add-ons for enhanced performance and control over various stages of the process cycle.

Modular system configurations are available to partially or fully automate the immersion cleaning process Automation reduces labor as well as the overall cleaning time. Adaptations for high volume washing or heavy cleaning loads exceeding 3500 pounds are part and parcel of what we can provide for our customers. Systems can be programmable according to your specifications. Hands-off air powered systems can reduce manual dipping by operators into the simple press of a button.

RAMCO specializes in building industrial immersion parts washers that incorporate multiple cleaning methods for removing contaminants such as spraying under immersion, mechanical agitation, hydraulic flushing, ultrasonic cleaning, rotation in stand-alone and continuous flow configurations.

Innovative adaptations keep RAMCO industrial immersion parts washers current – able to meet the exacting needs of industries like aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, machining, heavy equipment manufacture, construction, defense/military, mass transit, and more. So many of these industries utilize high-tech machines, produce sensitive components, etc. By manufacturing systems that operate and apply precise cleaning technology even softer metals can be carefully washed without risk of damage.

Despite the technological advancements already mentioned, the objectives of all industrial immersion parts washes remain the same: to eliminate oil, chips, buffing compounds, carbon deposits, rust, paint, dirt, debris, other particulates or contaminants. In many cases immersion technology is the most effective method for process either before, after, or both before and after:

  • Welding
  • Deburring
  • Brazing
  • Blasting
  • Nitric Acid Passivation
  • Citric Acid Passivation
  • FPI Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Tube Washing
  • Cleaning in Advance of Parts/Product Assembly
  • Engine Rebuild

Industrial Immersion Parts Washers: It Starts with the Right System

Actually, the first step is to listen. After all, you know what you need. However, you may be unaware of  many of the variables that must be taken into account to meet those needs.  To that end, a catalogue “cookie cutter” solution is never the answer. Prior to the installation of all our systems, RAMCO’s team of technicians and engineers do a full workup and assessment of your requirements, taking into account everything from the particulars of your facility, all of the parts that will be washed, along with any factors that must be taken into account such as the type of metal, its tolerances and the desired cleaning result. By the time we are finished we’ll make recommendations that cover necessary training for your operators. Only after such analysis will we recommend the optimum system for your immersion parts washing application.

RAMCO’s highly adaptable Migi-Kleen parts washer – a system that can exist as a solo machine or made modular with the addition of one or more units. A host of options and add-on features serve to keep the Migi-Kleen series current.

RAMCO’s  Air Powered Immersion Parts Washers can be fabricated in various forms. Being wholly air-powered yields optimum results for when the employing moderate-to-low flash point solvents.

Flexibilty and modular adaptation is exemplified as well in the RAMCO AMKT24 Immersion Wash-Rinse-Dry System. The unit can be set up for a very basic configuration, or, take advantage of both its modular potential and various supplementary add-ons which significantly expand its capabilities, depending upon the tasks.

The AJA-Kleen Series is RAMCO’s powerhouse immersion system, engineered to accommodate extremely heavy loads exceeding 2000 pounds. Augmenting its rugged heavy gauge construction is its pneumatic agitating system that keeps the entire system stable and distributes the load evenly.

RAMCO’s immersion parts washer with Air Blow-Off Dryer is ideal for parts like heavy steel castings that retain heat even after the washing process. All that’s needed is a sufficient “blow-off” of compressed air to effectively cause flash drying.

RAMCO’s compact immersion parts washers come in five standard configurations. When space is at a premium, one of these systems will usually fit in close quarters. All feature RAMCO’s oscillating transport elevator that not only eliminates having to manually load parts baskets, the agitation guarantees that the cleaning agent is move over, in, out, around and through the parts for superior cleaning.

The RAMCO Equipment MKD24 Wash/Rinse console sets a high standard for adaptable and modular system configurations. It’s outfitted to accommodate a 20” x 20” basket with a load weighing up to 150 pounds. Also part and parcel of the system is MultiPort Oscillation ensures complete agitation of even intricate parts in and out of the cleaning agent.

Begin exploring a what RAMCO’s flexible and adaptable industrial immersion parts washers can do for your company. Contact an expert at our factory: 800-553-3650.

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