Ramco Immersion Washing to Replace Vapor Degreasing

The first step in replacing a vapor degreaser is to understand that aqueous degreasing is a different process. Vapor degreasing is primarily a dipping process using effective but highly toxic solvents. The hot solvent cleans by condensing onto cold parts placed within a vapor zone and flash dries as the parts are withdrawn.

Aqueous degreasing is a washing process using mild environmentally safe detergents. The parts are washed and then rinsed in hot water. If the parts do not flash dry after rinsing and if the parts must be dry for the next manufacturing process an additional drying stage is required.

Aqueous degreasing requires a properly designed system. The equipment must provide sufficient mechanical agitation, consistent solution quality and be capable of producing the desired level of cleanliness. For example, the MK line shown above is a basic wash/rinse/dry system designed for degreasing cutting oils and removing chips. The line runs left to right. The system consists of three modular stations – wash, rinse and dry. Each can handle a 34″ long x 20″ wide load with a gross weight of 150 pounds. The wash and rinse stages include platform oscillation with TurboFilter to provide sufficient mechanical agitation and filtration. An OR6V Oil Removal System produces consistent solution quality for the wash station and SurfaceSweep prevents cleaned parts from emerging through a contaminated surface. The wash and rinse stages included MultiPort Oscillation to provide platform oscillation in and out of solution for filling and draining blind holes and recessed areas. Finally, the cleaned parts are dried in a very effective hot air knife/blow-off dryer. Each stage includes a digital cycle timer and digital temperature controller

Platform roller conveyors are included on each elevator to facilitate transfer between stations. Other features such as ultrasonics or automatic transfer are easily added to this basic modular system design.

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