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Immersion Parts Washers – Built for Power, Built to Last

How well an immersion parts washers performs is only as good as the construction and the components used. The RAMCO CM Series of immersion parts washers are tough, powerful work horses. The rugged construction, key components used, stringent manufacturing standards, and ongoing support is why so many RAMCO CM Series systems are still up and running after decades of use.

Built to last, CMs are built of minimum 10 gauge steel or stainless steel with 3/16 plate rear walls. Heavier load capacities are built in all ¼” plate and the elevators made of structural channel or tubing. This provided both stability and longevity. Every CM is built with a sturdy hinged cover that features an interior splash guard. To prevent spillage onto exterior surfaces the tank is built with a flange-up solution drip lip.

You Can’t Buy Experience

Every component used in a RAMCO Immersion Parts Washer has been rated based on time tested results for heavy industry application. Because RAMCO has been building Immersion Parts Washers since the 1950s we have had the opportunity to learn from experience the most durable and lasting tank construction and the most dependable component parts to use. Only the most reliable machine designs, pumps, heaters,  pneumatic cylinders, valves, sensors, and electrical components are used. It is this culmination of experience in an ongoing process that is the foundation of all RAMCO machines. This is why our systems are depended upon in so many industries.

The Compact Modular MK Series

The Migi-Kleen Series are compact systems used for loads up to 300 pounds. Exceptionally versatile when used in combination with others as a modular systems with each stage serving to manage one step in the parts washing process. For example, a trio of units in tandem can execute the entire cycle of wash to rinse to dry. Additional configurations can handle more complex, multi-stage procedures for high volume cleaning, precision final cleaning, passivation, fluorescent penetrant inspection, and more. Versatility is carefully planned into the design to ensure that your particular parts washing requirements are met.

Increase Efficiency and Control with RAMCO’s Optional Features

Your company may have demands to handle high volume applications and/or or tougher workloads. In addition to our oscillating pneumatic platform RAMCO offers many standard options that allow for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Multiport oscillation – permits platform oscillation within different zones of the process chamber. With MultiPort seven strokes are available to choose from each with a distinct altitude and zone of operation. As an example, you can oscillate in and out of solution using a short stroke in just the upper half of the chamber or switch to an extended long stroke in and out of solution through the entire chamber. This feature lets you fine tune applications for the optimum agitation stroke, turbo flow pattern and zoning for filling/draining of cavities without ever having to adjust solution levels.

Powerful Filter/Turbo system can significantly boost and reduce processing time of the wash and rinse cycles. The turbo uses high volume vertical immersion seal-less stainless steel pumps with stainless housing.  Closed looped manifolds with multiple injectors direct solution to the working zone. The system provides an even flow of turbulent solution over, under, around and through components. RAMCO turbo systems are proven to accelerate processing time.

Depending upon your needs, you have the choice between steam, gas, or electric heating. This allows for more an accelerated heat-up and precise regulation of temperatures up to 250 degrees F.

The RAMCO ultrasonic system cascades powerful sweep frequency (between 38 to 42 kHz) ultrasonics with our standard turbo/filter/agitation washing.  This Unique Dynamic Flow Processing incorporates ultrasonic burst cycles into timed and alternating regimens such that the sonics works on the tenacious soils, loosens it, then the system automatically switches to turbulation and filtration and hydraulic flushing, and then back again. This can be set to repeat any number of times depending upon the tenacity of the soils and the part substrates. This is very unusual and major departure from traditional immersion cleaning tanks that may also use ultrasonics, but in a more static way. We find this to be highly effective in producing clean parts, with speed and consistency. The results are faster cleaning and more effective overall processing. The ultrasonic stage can be set to provide vertical oscillation of the work during the cycle. A selector switch can be provided for static ultrasonic or oscillating ultrasonic modes. This option provides superior ultrasonic washing capability over conventional systems allowing the work to travel through the peaks and nodes of the wave energy as required by the process.

Oil Removal Systems. A term used to describe unwanted hydrocarbon-based contaminants, the removal of tramp oils that rise to the surface during the washing process will a) help maintain production efficiency, b) help prevent compromising the parts to be washed, c) help ensure a safer workplace that is free of oil-charged anaerobic bacteria (which can generate hydrogen sulfide gas), smoke and fumes.

Ease of Maintenance

To keep machines running at their optimum levels and to be proactive when it comes to damage or undue wear and tear, all machines require periodic maintenance. Here again, RAMCO’s innovations outpace many of the conventional machines so prevalent in the marketplace.

Access to vital systems on inferior immersion parts washers are often severely limited, being located behind secured panels, underneath the machine or situated in hard-to-reach places.

When it’s time for a checkup, RAMCO makes access to anything that requires servicing far easier. Everything – controls, valves, piping, heating elements, filter housing, generators, cylinders, – in short, everything is positioned and secured on the outside of the unit. Easy access means increased ease-of-use and less maintenance time.

Your System, Your Priorities

Engineered and fabricated for your company after careful analysis of your particular demands, RAMCO’s immersion parts washers are optimally built for the eradication of dirts, debris, chips, oils and other corrosives. The system can be configured to carefully and thoroughly clean parts of varying sizes, weights and tolerances.

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