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Immersion Parts Washers – Built for Power, Built to Last

Immersion parts washers and how well they perform are only as good as their component parts. RAMCO’s Migi-Kleen series of immersion parts washers are tough, high-powered work horses. Like so many of the parts washers manufactured by RAMCO, rugged construction, operational standards, operator training, service warranty and unparalleled ongoing support are why so many of RAMCO’s systems are still up and running after decades of use.

Manufactured for performance and safety, its solid, heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel housing with 7 and 12 gauge tank walls gives it both the stability and durability necessary to tackle any washing regimen within its surprisingly wide usage parameters. Every component is rated for heavy industry application. All pilot lights and switches are UL listed with NEMA 4 enclosures.

Migi-Kleen immersion parts washers are fitted with a tight sealing, sturdy, hinged cover that features an interior splash guard as well as a fusible safety link. This essential feature prevents system overload that can damage an entire machine. The safety link is configured to accommodate a current load that is significantly lower than what the rest of the system can handle. In this way, should a short or an overload in the system occur, the safety link functions as the initial point of failure, severing the connection to the remainder of the circuit, protecting the rest of the unit and all of its component parts from any additional damage.

To prevent spillage on any of the exterior insulation walls, the unit is designed with a flange-up solution drip lip covering the circumference of the machine’s upper rim.

Every electrically heated Migi-Kleen appliance is equipped with thermostat, single switch control, as well as an air line filter, lubricator and regulator.

Modular Versatility

The Migi-Kleen unit itself, being relatively compact, is exceptionally versatile when used in combination with others, as a modular system with each unit serving to manage one stage of the parts washing regimen. For example, a trio of units in tandem can execute the entire cycle of wash to rinse to dry. Additional configurations can handle more complex, multi-stage procedures that address cleaning procedures that are more intricate. Such versatility, when carefully planned with your RAMCO support team, will effectively ensure that your particular parts washing requirements are met.

Increase Efficiency and Control with RAMCO’s Optional Features

Rugged as the Migi-Kleen system is, your company may have a more demands to ensure being able to handle high volume or tougher workload. There are any number of options that allow for more control over the washing process and final results. For more precision with timing and all washing cycles, digital timers can be built into the system. The addition of a Powerful Filter/Turbo system can significantly boost and reduce processing time of the wash and rinse cycles.

Depending upon your needs, you have the choice between steam, gas, or electric heating. This allows for more an accelerated heat-up and precise regulation of temperatures up to 250 degrees F.

For total coverage and the flushing out of complex structures and features like blind holes, enhanced dual stroke control can be integrated into the unit, allowing for both short or long stroke in and out of the solution bath.

Mechanical agitation provides both better coverage and better “scrubbing” of parts. This can be achieved with the addition of a reciprocating platform.

Finally, the implementation of a high-performance oil removal apparatus may prove crucial to your operation. A term used to describe unwanted hydrocarbon-based contaminants, the removal of tramp oils that rise to the surface during the washing process will a) help maintain production efficiency, b) help prevent compromising the parts to be washed, c) help ensure a safer workplace that is free of oil-charged anaerobic bacteria (which can generate hydrogen sulfide gas), smoke and fumes.

Ease of Maintenance

To keep machines running at their optimum levels and to be proactive when it comes to damage or undue wear and tear, all machines require periodic maintenance. Here again, RAMCO’s innovations outpace many of the conventional machines so prevalent in the marketplace.

Access to vital systems on inferior immersion parts washers are often severely limited, being located behind secured panels, underneath the machine or situated in hard-to-reach places.

When it’s time for a checkup, RAMCO makes access to anything that requires servicing is made far easier. Everything, controls, valves, piping, heating elements, filter housing, generators, cylinders, in short everything is positioned and secured on the outside of the unit. Easy access means increased ease-of-use and less maintenance time.

Your System, Your Priorities

Engineered and fabricated for your company after careful analysis of your particular demands, RAMCO’s immersion parts washers are optimally built for the eradication of dirts, debris, chips, oils and other corrosives. The system can be configured to carefully and thoroughly clean parts of varying sizes, weights and tolerances.

Contact an expert at the RAMCO factory direct: 800-553-3650.

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